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Проверьте свой уровень английского языка!

Мы подготовили для Вас онлайн-тест! Ответьте на несколько вопросов и узнайте свой уровень английского языка!
Тест на уровень английского языка!

1. My parents _____ in a twobedroom apartment.


2. Melissa is _____ down on her bed.


3. _____ Judy and Liz at last month’s meeting?


4. The children ________ the lost puppy.


5. Somebody threw a shoe at him _____ he was speaking.


6. Our plane _______ thirty minutes late.


7. I just heard about the accident. ________ been working all night?


8. He has ________ too hard today.


9. If I ___________ time tonight, I will finish the novel that I am reading.


10. I find it hard _____ to the dark evenings in winter.


11. The lady _____ spoke to my French teacher is my aunt.


12. If I had studied harder, I __________ my exam.


13. Sorry, I have no time to discuss anything now. I … be at a meeting at 10 o’clock.


14. Nancy said, “I may leave tomorrow.”


15. The little boy can stay here … he keeps quiet.


16. Melissa and Mike will be exhausted. They ________ slept for 24 hours.


17. My brother is used to ________ early for school.


18. I wish they ______ us they were coming early.


19. Hayley’s your best friend! You should come to her party,


20. Will you ________ here for ten years by the time of the Christmas party?


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